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Olivet College to host workshops by world renowned artist Jim Hay

Hello from Jim Hay. I am coming to Olivet College in Michigan with 2 brand new cloth workshops. Both workshops are good for beginners to advanced. They are very different from each other. Come for 1 or 2 or both (double your fun).

1: A Song For You

I chose a longtime favorite song that tells a simple story with rich visual imagery. The unusual rhythm weaves together love, rejection and hope. Let’ s use cloth to express your ideas and make this rhythm visible. This song is pure genius. I am excited to see what you will do.tightrope
"Tightrope" jimhay©2015

Materials: Bring some 28" X 28" cotton cloth for background. Bring more cloth to help suggest light, dark, simple, complex, even patterns of rhythm. Scissors, pinking shears, thread, glue sticks, pins, sewing machine.

2: Transformation

Our world has many species, from tiny shrimp to giant Redwoods, plus objects from simple clothespins to orbiting satellites. Let’s explore that amazing diversity. We will start with a QUICK magazine paper collage to get ideas flowing and then expand to cloth.

Materials: Medium size drawing paper for the collage. Some picture magazines (fashion, travel, garden, car, whatever) to cut up for the collage.

Good scissors, pinking sheers, straight pins, glue sticks, iron. Some 28" x 28" cotton cloth for background, bag full of wide ranging cloth pieces: cotton, silk, lace, solid colors, plaids, floral, cloth with words and images, netting, sparkly cloth, even pieces cut from clean t-shirts, sewing machine, preferably with zig-zag ability, extra bobbins plus colored threads.

Olivet College is hosting two quilters’ workshops

Both events take place on campus and are open to the public.
There will be two 1-½ day workshops:

  1. Thursday, Sept 7 (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and Friday, Sept. 8 (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) and
  2. Saturday, Sept. 9 (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and Sunday, Sept.10 (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.).

The cost is $100 for a single workshop (two days) or $180 for both workshops (four days). Please register as soon as possible to be sure of a space.
For more information about Hay’ s workshops or to register, contact Marty Jennings, director of alumni engagement, at (269) 749-7644 or alumnirelations@olivetcollege.edu.

“These workshops will open doors to your personal creativity,” Hay said. “Each person’s artwork will be an individual expression; your artistic vision, your interpretation of a subject, your use of materials. Making art is a path to awareness, a finding out of who you are as an individual connected to all.”

An award-winning artist who currently lives and works in Japan, Hay has exhibited his art across the globe in countries including China, Korea, Taiwan, England, Ireland, Australia as well as Japan and the United States. He was professor of sculpture and drawing at Olivet College from 1968-82 and earned a Master of Fine Arts with high honors from Michigan State University. To view his work, follow the links below.

Banana Boat Races 4200 detail
Banana Boat Races 4200 Detail
Michigan is a summer wonderland of water, cars and fun. Kids splash in backyard wading pools. Boys spray their girlfriends with garden hoses. Men cobble old car bodies onto the longest, sleekest fruit and then attach sails on top. They haul these homemade boats to the Detroit River. In 1954, it’s time. The World’s First FruitCar Banana Boat Races on Water!
Back shows famous early model
FruitCar boat “Ghost 42”


Jim Hay WINS a 2017 Original Category Cash Award at Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival Competition.
“World’s First FruitCar BANANA Boat Races on WATER”
Detroit River 1954
Awards Presentation Ceremony took place on the Dome Stage, Saturday, January 21 at 3:00 PM. Cheer!
The entire Tokyo Dome Baseball Stadium is filled each year. Show continues through January 25th, 9:30 -6pm. last day until 5:30
I can be serious or playful, thoughtful or lighthearted.
I seek truth or spin tales. I generate history, fantasy, even mystery.
All with cloth. That is amazing.
Snack and Beer JHAY 2016
Snack and a Beer

What is it like at a Jim Hay Exihition?

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