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Snack and Beer JHAY 2016
Snack and a Beer

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Hay Meets Röntgen
Hay meets Röntgen

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“Jim Hay Meets Röntgen” at

Hay Meets Röntgen: A Ray of Light I have a foot operation in mysterious Japan. Nurse says, “Go get a rentogen.” I mutter to myself, “What is a rentogen? Just say X-ray like everyone else?” I research Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. He discovered X-rays in 1895 and received Nobel Prize in Physics and Röntgenium was named in his honor. Most countries say “X-rays”, but Japan prefers to honor Röntgen. Now, it all makes sense.
Röntgen’s X-rays are visual penetrations of human layers. I honor that process by stitching over 160 layers of photographs with wood, cloth, metal and plastic objects.
Now the artwork is traveling to museums far around the globe from Japan. See the calendar for touring dates and locations.

Also see the book Hay meets Röntgen: Along Comes a Ray of Light.

August 10, 1912 Tomato Soup (Detail)

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Food for Thought

Jim Hay art is in FOOD FOR THOUGHT Exhibition.
My Grandfather Henry Emile Trouteaud and his brother Edward bought tickets so their families could move from Guernsey Island to America. Great Grandmother (Emma Elizabeth Hancock Trouteaud) became ill before they could leave so the sons returned the tickets.
The ship sailed past Guernsey on its way out of the English Channel. Great Grandmother was eating soup. The ship was the Titanic.
Mavis Lena would grow up to become my mother.
In the early 1900s, Guernsey was famous for tomatoes called “Guernsey Toms.”
Currently on exhibit in seven international venues including the three largest cities in Australia. See the calendar for touring dates and locations. Read about “The Great Big Boat”.
Wild Fabrications
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Wild Fabrications

Jim Hay’s “Humans Taste Like Chicken” is part of a “Wild Fabrications” traveling exhibit.
Humans Taste Like Chicken by Jim Hay 2015
People taste good. Good for you too.
Fry some tonight or put ’em in a stew.
Bears sleep tight the long winter through.
Tummies full of good people stew.
Humans eat chickens, pigs and fishes.
Turn the tables on those dishes.
How would you like it, what would you do?
If animals say,

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