Jim Hay

“As You Sew”

Hay Meets Röntgen
Hay meets Röntgen

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“Radical Elements”
Interpretations of Periodic Table elements

Hay Meets Röntgen: A Ray of Light Cafritz Foundation Arts Center, 930 King Street, Silver Spring, MD
April 3 through May 9, 2014, M-F, 8-4 pm.
SAQA invited 40 artists for this major exhibition that travels through 2016.

Also see the book Hay meets Röntgen: Along Comes a Ray of Light.

Water & Wheels

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“Mapping Memories”

LookOut Gallery at Snyder-Phillips Hall, Michigan State University
May 5 through September 20, 2014.
Artists add visual memories to Michigan cloth maps. Show travels through 2017.
Tattooed Lady
Tattooed Lady

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“Three Decades of Art of NMC”

Traverse City Art And Design Studio,1207-c Woodmere, Traverse City, MI
March 28 through May 31, 2014
Jim has two large cloth pieces including the award-winning “Hope”. He will be at gallery some of 4/29. Info at 231-421-9499 or email: traversecityartanddesign@gmail.com
Jim Hay is on SAQA’s
Featured Artist page.

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